I woke up with nothing on but my pants around my ankles, caught on my boots. What happened last night?

I felt a bubbling in my stomach and ran to the bathroom in only a towel. I pulled up the toilet seat and saw last night’s dinner. Wiping my mouth, I flushed the toilet. After having food poisoning, I was used to this. I continued the routine, pouring myself a cap of Listerine and placing toothpaste on my toothbrush.

I turned the shower on, placing my hand underneath to find the right temperature. When it was warm enough, I hopped in and let the water cascade over my hungover body. My shampoo tingled on my scalp, the foam falling onto my shoulders.

When I was done cleansing myself of last night, I climbed out and patted myself with the towel. Wrapping it around me again, I went back to my room.

1 New Message

Hey how are you feeling?

I checked the phone calls I made and there it was. I shuddered and looked at the messages I sent earlier. I cringed even more.

What happened last night?

via Daily Prompt: Exposed

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