I feel      guilty. What      have I done? 

No      thing. 

I think    things are okay when they are     not. 

But that      is all I do is      think. 

Think. Think. Think.  

I make       excuses for       those who may not      deserve them. 

But that      is all I do is      make. 

Make. Make. Make.  

Yet      what have I done?

No      thing. 
–Elizabeth Lacey 


They’re that stain of spaghetti sauce on your white top splashed on after spooling noodles on your fork.

They’re that pressure on your cactus bladder full of solution after a day of ingestion. 

They’re that black ponytail on your right wrist that leaves a fuchsia ring after hours of wear. 

They’re me replying to you within our usual fifteen minutes after you haven’t been here. 
–Elizabeth Lacey


Today I find myself damp with emotion.

A pilly, old rag moist, already rung out twice.

I can’t stop these goddamn tears from falling, 

From heaving out a sob meant for you. 
–Elizabeth Lacey

What Are You Looking For?

A poem created from the messages I’ve received on Tinder.

Hey! I know it’s late
But do you want to come over 

I’m at 214 
Congratulations, you have matched!

Please select one of the following options: 

For casual conversation, press 1

For a corny pick-up line, Press 2

For a more risqué pick-up line, Press 3

To schedule a date, Press 4

To see more options, Press 5 (work in progress)
Does that impress you?
It’s dangerous 

You look cute in workout clothes 
Too many guys trying to get into your pants? 

Happens to me on a daily basis (*sarcasm*).

I don’t want to tease you with anything

too provocative and scare you away.
I’ll be direct here

So I’m tryna just hook up. 

You down with that?

I apologize for the rudeness lol
When would you like to have me over?
–Elizabeth Lacey

Pull Yourself

Pull yourself together.


Pull yourself over to the the curb beside

the Korean restaurant once frequented.

Pull yourself into a storm of tears and

twenty four dollar eye liner.

Pull yourself to the bar down the hill

you haven’t needed to go to.

Pull yourself into a pool of frozen

margarita for chill.

Pull yourself to the seven eleven to

buy SmartWater to replenish.

Pull yourself away from the screens

and off your phone.


Pull yourself away from him.


Pull yourself together.


–Elizabeth Lacey