10 Steps on How to Stay Calm During Finals

The original: 130: 10 Steps on How to Stay Calm

  1. Take the classic big deep breath in
  2. And out
  3. Write down a list of everything that you need to accomplish (I use Todoist)
  4. Start adding those things you need to do to your calendar as little events (Google Calendar is a classic)
  5. Try the Pomodoro method, 25 minutes of focused work with a 5 minute break (the free version of the app Focus Keeper is my fave)
  6. Take breaks that are constructive for you, such as some sort of physical activity or catching up on a favorite TV show
  7. Switch up where you study; find new places to do work so that you don’t lose focus
  8. Don’t forget your basic needs (i.e., showering, eating, sleeping)
  9. And take one more damn breath in
  10. And out