What Are You Looking For?

A poem created from the messages I’ve received on Tinder.

Hey! I know it’s late
But do you want to come over 

I’m at 214 
Congratulations, you have matched!

Please select one of the following options: 

For casual conversation, press 1

For a corny pick-up line, Press 2

For a more risqué pick-up line, Press 3

To schedule a date, Press 4

To see more options, Press 5 (work in progress)
Does that impress you?
It’s dangerous 

You look cute in workout clothes 
Too many guys trying to get into your pants? 

Happens to me on a daily basis (*sarcasm*).

I don’t want to tease you with anything

too provocative and scare you away.
I’ll be direct here

So I’m tryna just hook up. 

You down with that?

I apologize for the rudeness lol
When would you like to have me over?
–Elizabeth Lacey